Dawn. born in the 80's. still uses her phone as a phone. Chronic sketcher and coffee drinker. Works the day shift at that graveyard, and the graveyard shift at that Days Inn.

Banger(s) in the mouth
I won dungeons & dragons! and it was advanced!

We only see the tip of the iceberg with anyone. We see what people want us to see. But that doesn´t mean there wasn´t something else underneath. - Norma Bates


I hate it when netflix pauses and asks me if im still watching like yeah you actually think i got up and started doing something with my life bitch put my show back on

I love your url! I'm still laughing as I type this, I think I have to watch that episode again now. What do you think of this season so far? You think they'll still make it to 6 and a move?


Thank you! It’s a great episode from a great season, from a great character.

I’m pretty happy with this season so far. While it certainly hasn’t been the best, it at least feels familiar again. I’ve loved all the dark, demented humor that’s been missing for a season, but I do wish the writers had focused more on developing relationships. I think given the fact we had to deal with the absence of Pierce and Troy’s exiting, they had a lot to address and only 12 episodes to do it in. I am happy there were shake ups and changes in the group dynamic, even though I loved Pierce and Troy and their absence is greatly felt, it keeps things interesting. And who’s to say they’re gone forever? I can never say with 100% confidence we’ll get another season, but I will say I’m way less worried and anxious about hearing the news this year than I have been for the past 5 seasons. It just feels like we have a really good chance, given the fact NBC practically has nothing left as far as comedies go (except PR) and they have terrible luck getting new comedies to stick around, community is one of the few they have left. I have no idea if they’ll do a movie. I would forsee something released online, perhaps through hulu? idk, but I’m probably too optimistic!

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What is wrong with you people?! Huh?! I thought you were supposed to be friends? I thought you were supposed to love each other? Your love is weird and toxic and it destroys everything it touches!

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went to the store and sat on santa’s lap
asked him to bring my friends all kind of crap


"He told me the other day that he was proud of me, that I was a good man. I’m not. I know more now, about what he wanted from me. I try, but I still have these thoughts. I’m not what he thinks I am. I’m just another monster, too.”

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